_mar.core audiovisual research

_mar.core aka marco rocca

_composer _musician _movie maker _digital artist _audiovisual editor _sound designer _5.1 A/V sculptures

The projects elaborated by _mar.core are difficult to be placed in a defined or limited area. His research remains counsciously distant from the canons of every kind of academy. His works are addressed to a dialectical contamination among the used elements, with an approach never philological and so much less archaeological, but mostly focused on the emotional, evocative and suggestive aspects that the works are able to stir up. A great curiosity characterizes the work of _mar.core since his first collaborations with artists coming from different backgrounds until today exploration of the composition potentialities offered by the digital conversion and its applications. Performances, movies, installations, audiovisuals, theatre, readings, dance, and the web itself, become all opportunities to experience the interaction between music and other forms of expression, since the early experience with Machina Amniotica: a multimedia project of poetry, music, noise and images.This group represents an ideal melting-pot in which the use of various expressive means is developed neither to overlap nor to support a particular one, but in a continuous crossed exchange. An ensamble project of multiple representation inspired by the the works and the theorizations of people such as William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, John Cage, Morton Feldman and that finds in the use of latest technology the best support for its path and its own research.

According to _mar.core, the real creative field resides exclusively in the context of the re-edition of the material. In agree with Lavoisier: "in a chemical reaction the sum of the masses of the reactants is equal to the sum of the products of the masses". To create, in strict sense, it is an illusion. The nineteenth-century romantic idea, of the artist that "builds something from nothing" is the legacy of a religious sphere on one side (connection between human and supernatural) and of a commercial mode on the other side (give a value to a work on basis of a presumed imponderable peculiarity ). Indeed all this has nothing to do with the creative process. The realization of any work, no matter how sublime, will never add a new molecule to the table of elements. It will always be the sum or a combination of existing "reagent masses". It is exclusively in this choice of the sum, which resides the creative process. The awareness of this process is proportional to our ability to know, recognize and remember. That’s why often the source material of _mar.core works is deliberately chosen from recognizable sources: through their transfiguration, the creative process becomes clear and evident.

The process of de-contextualization and re-contextualization of acoustic, visual and textual samplings, has been widened and developed by _mar.core. His most recent works are focused on a progressive reduction of the use of the over-structural reference of the languages and in particular on the progressive elimination of the verbal-logical structure. In agreement with the statements of Carmelo Bene about signifier and meaning, this structure is considered by _mar.core as "polluting" the emotional flow. On this basis originates the necessity to include, in the actual step of the research, a study on the human perceptive ways also from a physiological point of view. In _mar.core’s works meet, experimentally applied, different elements extrapolated by scientific studies on the matter: from binaural waves (BBF binaural beat frequencies) to the spacialization of the sound, from the chromatology to the bio-acoustic, from bilateral stimulation (EMDR eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to the synesthesia.This scientific-emotional research is finalized to act on sensorial perceptions in inductive way, changing the way of acting of the user toward the work: from passive to active. Every single element of the public is led to build his own and unique internal emotional performance.